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How I met my mother III

How I met my mother 1

How I met my mother 2


So part three. I want to record a conversation with my mum about her experience on the boat. When my friend’s parents from Canada visited in April, my mum opened the pandora box. She opened

up her heart to them. It was amazing. So amazing. Why didn’t she say anything to us? I know why, but why not earlier than now.

Just revealed that the escape out of Vietnam was terrifying, and there was fear of pirates. After 3 nights on the boat, they arrived at an island. My mum said they destroyed the boat, so they couldn’t be sent back to Vietnam, and she remembered sitting on the beach waiting for the Malaysian ship to come and collect them. They waited for the sun to raise. My mum watched the ocean, and wait.

That is just so beautiful…and strong.

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