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Being Dd – VBLOG Seven – Jealous

Last Saturday my little sister DJ Ethereal performed her first set, and my 60 year old Vietnamese mum attended the event to support my sister.

She DANCED trance and EDM for 25MINS. Yes 25mins. This is her set! Follow her!

And yes, there was a moment when I thought, where was my support?

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 9.00.45 AMWhere was my support 11 years ago, when I first started?

My mum started to see me perform in 2009 in Miss Saigon, and it was the best feeling to have the support of my mum finally

And I realise today, that without me breaking the wall down to follow my career choice, she may not have come to my sister’s event last Saturday.

So just #LETITGO.

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