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Am I funny without Phi and Me?

So. I’ve been contemplating a lot of things lately.

Am I funny?

Am I funny without Phi and Me?

Am I funny without Kim Huong?

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Yes I am going through a comedy crisis. I’ve been so consumed by this character and show, that I think I am not funny anymore. I am not good at telling stories, and I am scared of suspenseful things, and yes I am an actor.

I am more than the accent and my mother. I am Diana. There has been a curiosity for me to extend myself and move away from Phi and Me. In 2012 and 2013, I created two new shows called “Singing 5 ways to disappoint your Vietnamese mother” and “Viet Kieu, The No 1 Australian Vietnamese Outcast.” I am scared, and I self doubt myself.

I got an email alert from Moosehead Awards, which is a organisation that supports the development of new shows for MICF. I had an urge, a tingle. Maybe do a show about me. About the characters in Diana’s life.

We shall see. Due date is this Wednesday.

Need to grow balls.

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