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Review of Mindy Kaling – Why not me?

It was fitting to start reading this book from Melbourne to Sydney to Melbourne for my sister’s hens book. I was meant to read this book in January before my MICF show for some inspiration. Why I should do this? Why would I do this…and then I got lazy. Forgot to read and was on social media i.e. Facebook.

So here is my review of WHY NOT ME? By Mindy Kaling

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This is Kaling’s recent publication, and I am disappointed that I didn’t get to read it chronological from her first book to now, but hell. I can’t return it. What I learnt from Kaling’s book

1. She was a funny person before doing comedy CHECK

2. Second generation CHECK

3. Has confidence, but she also starts that confidence doesn’t do anything if you don’t work hard  CHECK

4. She is a love fool CHECK

5. She has a tv show, and worked her ass for it WORKING ON IT

6. Knows that finding love in her thirties should not be dramatic like in the twenties. STILL WORKING ON IT

7. She is original CHECK

8. I like her CHECK

9. Lives in the states WORKING ON IT

10. Loves what she does CHECK

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The first couple of chapters in, I knew she was quirky. There were moments I thought…who are you? and then I would be smiling, or having a chuckle. Then she spoke about relationships and friendships and soulmates and how that works…and she caught me. or really she stood their with her arms out and I ran to her. She spoke about her 10 year relationship/friendship with B.J.Novak – and how you can be soul mates but also soup snakes. How 2 people can get along to so well, but yet be so far apart?

When I was Yosemite, I recorded a video journal, and I showed my gf and she said, “why do you want to reveal so much to the public?” and I said,” so that we could feel connected and human.”

That’s what happened with Kaling’s book. I felt it was okay that I am quirky, and finding my way, and doing what I love….and knowing that I am not content with just this. I want more. Kaling wants more. I want more. I am willing to fight for it.

In the conclusion of my review. Read it.

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Cos through tragedy we get on with life and laugh.

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