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In Feb this year, while walking down Hollywood Bvld decorated in Oscar setup, I turned to my mum and said,

“Mum in 10 years time, I will take you as my date.”

She laughed. But there was something inside me that said,

“Why not?” “Why do I limit myself to my work, when I know I can achieve greatness?”

DIANA Apartment-0819

Photo by Jackie Tran

So with this, I would like to announce that I was

offered a place in fantastic theatre school and

I have accepted the offer.

This means I will be going school for an intense 4 months, 5 days a week studying and making performance at the John Bolton Theatre School in Melbourne. It all starts from August to December and I am incredibly excited.

The urge to study has always been there but there have been motivations.

The last time I went to study drama and theatre studies was in University since 2005. That is a long time ago. Then in 2014 I  went through a breakup and thought,

“What do I need to do for myself?”

and enrolled into 16th street Term classes at Sensory and Mesiner. I have learnt so much at 16th street, and everytime I step into that space I feel at home.

Things to note as an actor. You can be great at the craft, but if you do not know the vessel that holds the craft then you will never be a great actor. You must know the process of your human mind to be a great actor, and 16th street has lead me to deep and dark places, but also to my being. One day I will do the full time course.

So I am excited about going back to school. EXCITED.

In many other careers, there are opportunities to further study i.e. Masters, Tafe, Phd’s – so why can’t I dedicate time to myself to learn. I am. For 4 bloody months, and I can’t wait.

The plan after the 4 months – keep making work. Tour NAKED in 2017. Make more work.


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