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2016 – The year the Western World said No

In 20 years time, universities around the world will be offering Bachelor of Arts subjects and PHDs  called,

2016. Politics. What happened?

>>>>>>>Australia voted for One Nation.

History of One Nation. 20 years ago a woman named Pauline Hanson who owned a fish and chip shop was voted into the lower house and talks about swamping Asians. She is now back stronger with 3 other senators and talks about sending Australian Muslims back to where they came from. How times have changed.

Oh, and we also lock up humans in offshore detention centres deemed illegal by the UN.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 8.45.14 am

>>>>>>>Great Britain voted to Brexit.

What a mess. They got a woman, Theresa May to clean up the mess, when those who voted for Brexit have decided to go on early retirement.

>>>>>>>USA vote for Trump.

Social Media was alive last night. “Orange is the new black.” “God Bless America.” “Doomsday”

My Facebook was alive with friends concerned. The greatest thing to come from this is people’s involved and concern for politics. I have never seen so much interest from my friends. Let’s see what happens next.


What are the possible factors?

1. Low social economic areas who are NOT HEARD.

If we look at the swing votes states – Ohio swung against Hillary, because voters were struggling with no jobs, making ends meet due to the demise of the manufacturing and mining sector. People what to be heard now, and not in 12 months.

2. Religion and race FEAR mongering  – Offshore detention centres, racism, walls and religion.

Trump was very good with the Fear Factor. Will he tone it down, or build that wall?

3. Compulsory vote.  In Australia it is compulsory to vote. In Great Britain and USA, voting is not compulsory, and could be a factor. Young liberals from both Brexit and USA elections have come out and said, the vote does not represent them.

Hillary had more votes than Trump in the end.

4. Not ready for a woman to run the country??

I am just putting it out there. Just saying. Clinton fought hard. When will we have another female leader? #ImwithHer

5. Anti Establishment. Voters feel the politicians and Parliament/Congress do not represent them and are let down by the establishment. Time for change?

Watch this video


Which means I could have a chance to be the next PM of Australia.

SO VOTE for me –


VOTE FOR ME 2019. #ImWithDd


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