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John Bolton Theatre – Solos

One Wednesday afternoon, 2 weeks before we were to finish our 4 month course, John (teacher) told us to write 10 stepping stones (milestones) that have occurred in our lives. I sat writing down not in order, moments in the life that have shaped me. Then he asked, pick one that stands out. I picked one.

Diana Ballerina

He then said, now write about it. Everything. Don’t stop writing. This happened for a full 20 minutes. By the 5th minute I was over it. This particular stepping stone was too close to my heart. Had I healed from it? Was I ready to talk about it? For the next 7 days, I wrote, created, manipulated and cried. Could I do this?

I spoke to my lover, and he said, “As long as it’s what you want to share. Not because it’s a good story. Be ready.”


I thought about it. Here I was 15 weeks into this course. 17 actors who have seen me break and laugh…could I shape this into good theatre?



The end story. I did it. Here are some photos. I hope to keep moulding it. It needs work but it is my stepping stone, and I am so proud of myself for doing it. I leave you this quote from a Clown – Giovanni


“This is the wisdom of the clown – to fall and assume it

To be able to fail, fail, and let go, with pleasure…

Over and over and over again, with pleasure.”

Giovanni Fusetti

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