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Popping my Uber #1 to #11

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So today, I did it. I sat in a car for 6 hours, after spending 1 hour re-cleaning my car. Yes Re-cleaning my car. The night before I did a deluxe car wash and then parked my car outside a construction site. Why you so silly Dd. So second trip to the carwash.



Things to do when setting up an UBER business.

1. Clean Car.

2 Wash Car

3. Register. Make sure you have a good driving history

4. Good car

5. lollies for car

6. a phone holder

7. fill up your tank.

8. Wear pompom earrings.

9. Set up a instagram account called @DUberStories


So how did it ago?

It was exhausting, interesting and a lot of connecting. There were moments where I thought, should I talk? Am I too much? Should I leave them alone? You can judge by first impressions just as they get into the car what the experience will be. I’ve decided to document my Uber friends as numbers. Let’s see how long this lasts for.

#1 Carl – City to Port Melbourne

Dad. Married to a Twin. Two sons and proud of them. Going to see brother inlaw.

When I first got the pop up, it was really felt like a first date experience. I got so giddy and excited and talked way too much. For my first Cherry Pop it was a good experience.

#2. Two men. Port Melbourne to City

Going from meeting to meeting. Enterprise business. Didn’t chat much. One follows the Blues for the colour.

#3. Student15555495_10157921529870164_684996933_o

Finished yr 12. Going to legal firm for work. Travelled to Florence and USA. My first picture.

#4. Luemma. Brunswick to Collingwood

Yellow. Bigger PomPoms. Gorgeous. Personality. Florist.

When you meet someone and you want them to stay in the car with you forever!

#5 Rachel – Melb to Airport

TV screen writer. Shock Horror. Going to Sydney and Cairnes for the break. Phi and Me webseries. She asked for my card and my heart stopped.

#6 Plumber – Essendon to Docklands

Gf Graduations. Nice guy. Chilled out.

I took a detour and it kinda paid off.

#7 Indonesian Family – Docklands to Melbourne

Full car. Talked about Palangkaraya and Jakarta sinking. Best Indonesian in South Melbourne

#8 Storm – Melb to North Fitzory

Environment scientist student. David Attenborough tickets are expensive. Works in bar.

#9 Artist – North Fitzory to Melbourne

Open and free. First impressions lasts. Produced Theatre show with 11 new actors from15503070_10157921527800164_1526914255_o Star Now.
#10 Joe – Melbourne to Brunswick

Not Joe. Boss ordered an Uber for Anton. Didn’t want to drink at pub. Traffic was awful.

#11 Work Drinks – North Fitzory to Airport

2 employees from Sydney and GoldCoast heading to airport. Talked about everything. Children. Tinder. Marriage proposals. Homes. Children’s names. Working life. Bad knees.

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