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Review – LaLa Land The musical.

Okay let’s just get this out. I knew I was going to cry. Okay. I knew I was gonna cry before I walked in.

To set the atmosphere click on the video below, and keep reading.


Why? Why did I know I was going to cry?

Because it touched on three things I am very passionate about.  A struggling performer. Love. Piano. and perhaps Ryan Gosling.

Let’s start with the beginning.


The story is set in LA and focuses on two characters, Sebastian (Gosling) and Mia (Stone) who both have dreams that seem impossible. He is a pianist and hardcore Jazz lover, and she, an actor who is awkward and wants to play characters. What really resonated with me was when she exited a horrible casting audition…yes I have been to many, and you walk out and you find 5 other black haired Asian girls going for the same role. It wasn’t about what talent you had, but what you looked like. I rejoiced when I saw Mia exit, and there were 20 red heads.


Sebastian and Mia meet one night, connected by this beautiful piano piece (above). Two people who have dreams in the Hollywood lights, who fall in love during the summer and navigate the high love to the low love of loneliness, frustration and individual plans that were set together but split apart.



As you could tell from the videos above, the soundtrack is heavily influenced by piano. And I could go to sleep and die with piano surrounding me. Something so beautiful, haunting and melodic that piano can take you.

The theme song drifted into the movie for the 10th time, and by then I needed windscreen wipers for my eyes. I couldn’t see. My soul hurt so much as the piano notes hit every ache in me.


Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 4.37.52 pm

Congrats to the two for continue to making their dreams a reality. Last night I sat in the movie theatre and thought, “wow”. I’ve done this. I’ve kept going with my dreams. Rejection. Rewards. TV. Rejections. Reviews. Good. Bad. Performer. Proud. I am living my dreams, with little money but I am still doing it. Now it is time to be smart. I feel like the universe is listening to me, and opportunities are coming because I’ve been banging.

Keep Banging on them. Keep dancing and singing, cos Life is here and now.

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