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School of John Bolton Graduated

August 8th to December 9th.

4 months counted for. Read it here. 4 months gone. And now I have the memories of these 4 months and how much I learnt. So much. From my fellow classmates to my teacher John Bolton, and of myself. The best 4 months I invested for me. It got me through some emotional things, and I am not sure what will cover it up anymore.

The other day while cleaning my room, I thought, “I have done this for myself. I made a choice for myself. I need to make good choices from now on.” Human failure.

Here is a video that I made for our class – It explains the feelings and how much we put into the school experience. I will miss you all, but this is not goodbye.



Top 10 moments

  • Walking into school on August 8th and making 17 long life friends. Read it here.
  • Portsea “Retreat” – The memories will stay forever.
  • Meeting my clown Malcolm. Read it here.
  • Creating a Bouffon Vietnamese performance on the spot. “One rice, Two Rice..” “Soldier you want a good time.” “Please save us.”
  • Creating Fear performance from 1-7. Imagine 7 females actors improvising a scene in a restaurant kitchen and every time one person goes to the back room, they come back with a level of fear. “Hey guys, why is there a woman at the reception desk?” “No she doesn’t have blonde hair.” “She just walked through a table.” SCREAMS

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 12.22.27 am

  • Waiting for Dotgo. The magic of theatre, when you watch and laugh so much your heart weeps cos you know life is going to be okay. I have laughed hard before, but I was weeping in laughter. Thank you girls.
  • Crème is beautiful. To see a clown cry with nothing else on stage but themselves is heart breaking to the human person. Thank you Phoebe.
  • My friend Tom. At nearly every exercise 90% of the time, he would be the first person to get up and do it for us. 17 of us were too scared to fail. But he didn’t care. He reminded us that we were there to fail and learn from it. Thank you Tom. I had the balls to go up 3-4 times first. You are inspiring.
  • Hanging out with my friends. It was wonderful to meet like minded people. Making a change in their lives to do this unknown theatre school in Preston. Sleepovers, Drinks, Hanging out, that infamous Halloween party. Thank you!
  • John Bolton. There are no words… wait there are because I had to say a few words of thanks to you, but what a man. I have absorbed what works and what doesn’t, exercises I wear share with my students. Every day I would look at the side of your face and think…is it being doing right, or always when JB would ask, “Did you see that? And I would be the first to say, “Yes” “Hrmm.” Always.

After our end of year performance, I remember us standing in this hall where the sunset would rise over us, and in this dark night, we sat  in silence and remembered the journey we had gone through. And then you sang, and we cried. I looked up to the high ceiling that the sun would shine through, and felt the rays hitting me. I will never forget this moment. Thank you John. You are a treasure. Thank you.

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