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Camino de Santiago June 28th – July 28th 2017

Camino de Santiago.

On June 28th 2017 Chelsea Maddern and I started the long walk south of France and crossed the Spain border. We walked west for 33 days and arrived in Santiago de Compostella on July 28th 2017.
It is one of the most enriching, heart breaking and rewarding experiences of my life. I got to share it with my beautiful friend and also with walkers from all parts of the world.
The Camino has three stages.
Stage One Physical for 1.5 weeks.
Stage Two is Emotional for 8 days and
Stage Three is Spiritual.
I hit stage 2 in my second day. I have always lived life to the hardest. I always feel things harder and I cried my heart out. I laughed my heart out and I danced my heart out.
I gave myself this time to walk.
The cheapest rehab for a human person. Nature is free and beautiful. Follow the yellow arrow and shell. Carry your belongings and walk 822kms.
Those moments of freedom are forever me and I can’t wait to experience life even more.
To the lifetime friends met!
🌻Jessie Todd KyuHyun Han Jacob Jisub Woo Deborah Gorham Jaya Lakshmi Nicole Gamblin Courtney Brossel Angel Dominguez Sara Núñez Escudero Andrea Maraña Arias Iker Lara Mikel Rosa Annalisa Barana Claire De Cambourg Oliver Plechinger Luigi Iacobelli Todd Rohlsson Reto Solidario Camino De Santiago Julio Marco Quell’Oller Tim Murray-Browne

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