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MC DD – Imposter Syndrome

Sometimes I feel like an imposter when I MC weddings.

My most recent relationship ended (yes again). I could not stand for what it made me feel, and went against my values. It took me awhile to understand that, and that love hurt me greatly because he was not ready to celebrate that kind of love that I wanted.

I wish him well. He taught me so much about myself, about our enviroment and his love for the water. His laughter still knocks me off my feet. #loveisgreatĀ 

I want to find that man who wants to celebrate LOVE like I do.

I carry my heart on my sleeve, and I will not change that because love and kindness is what I am built on. I want to be with someone who we will share our success, our failures and through teamwork like an NBA basketball team we will get through it and be champions.

I don’t want a Cinderella story.
I want a companion, a lover, a person who wont settle for safe, but will keep ME safe. That is what I want – A great friend and lover who respects me.

I am honoured when I am invited to MC stranger’s weddings. They are asking me to bring two groups of people who have never partied together, may have never met each other for just one night. That is an honour to share their love with everyone.

In my opinion, Vietnamese people are very judgemental. #truestory

I am honoured when I perform Phi and Me at Vietnamese weddings, because they keep the webseries alive for me, and it is the biggest celebration of a Vietnamese family since they arrived here by boat. I carry this with comedy and great humility.

Thank you for friends who have invited me to MC your weddings, and referred me, and complete strangers who just trust this face of mine.

Thank you. I am looking for the best love for me. And that love is deep inside me. If you like this face too, holla me.

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